There are many different skills involved in the game of hurling.  These can be broadly broken down into those that involve

Gaining Possession

Involves gaining possession and control of the sliotar. Thus, skills such as catching, and lifting are included along with skills involved in getting control of the sliotar using the hurley

Maintaining Possession

Once the sliotar is under the control of the player, there are a number of skills which help the player in possession to maintain possession. These skills encompass ground skills, handling skills and evasion skills.

Releasing Possession

Involves striking the sliotar, with either the hand or the hurley. Many of these skills can be performed with a stationary sliotar or a moving sliotar, while the player is stationary or while the player is moving.

Contesting Possession

Involves many of the skills used to tackle an opponent in possession, or to contest for possession when neither player is in possession of the sliotar.

Select Skills

The following are special skills usually associated with specific roles or set plays in the game of Hurling  (such as Low Catch, Sideline Cut, Frees, Penalties, Puck Outs, Shot Stopping)

Grip & Swing